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Your client can set up an online project where you participate either as a translator or a proofreader. This topic describes How to begin, perform, and deliver your work in an online project. This topic also describes how you can go offline and still continue working on your client’s online project. Starting the work: Checking out the online
When you create a project using the New memoQ project wizard, set a working and a master TM for your project.. How to begin. In the Translation memory pane of Project home, add translation memories to your project in checking the check box next to a translation memory name.Choose a translation memory and go to the Translation Memories ribbon tab, click the Set as working button.

The Dashboard opens when you start memoQ. It allows you to choose what you want to do first, provides you with an interface where you can manage your projects, and displays information about the …
Find out what 20 users are saying about memoQ. Read real reviews from verified users about pricing information and what features memoQ offers. Menu. The dashboard is incredibly easy to follow. Entering new projects is a breeze with the option of customizing workflows. I haven’t figured out how to go back to the home page directly to
The device will also stamp the time and date on your video files. When you go back through your footage, you’ll know exactly when each incident took place. The MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera is designed for portable surveillance. The device comes with up to 2 hours of battery life.
In the Dashboard, the Details pane To learn where to go from the Dashboard: See the main topic. This is the translator’s dashboard: You see this Help page because you come from the translator pro edition of memoQ. If you need the In this case, the Back up command is …

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The latest version, 8.2 (2017) is quite stable and reliable. They caused confusion with naming versions and rapid introductions of new versions in 2016, but since MemoQ 8,0 things are much better. More agencies and switching to MemoQ; Trados still dominates but seems to be losing ground. Like Trados, the product has a steep learning curve.
I found the old style dashboard by going to account, then advanced settings, then new dashboard ( I had the new dashboard installed and could get back to the old style) The old style is now on my phone–hooray. It is soooo much better.
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memoQ flowcharts – Star0g a project Start memoQ(Start > All programs > memoQ Create a new project This takes you to the Dashboard window Click on Create
Dashboard: Manage your memoQ online projects in your web browser. How to begin. Click the Project management tab. In the Projects section, you see the projects that need your attention. Each project can have different project phases which may need your attention. Next to each project, you find an info icon with a task, for example to confirm
Go to main content Configuring for Write Back in Analyses and Dashboards Users of a dashboard page or an analysis might have the ability to modify the data that they see in a table view. This ability is often referred to as “write back.” As the administrator, you assist the content designer in …
Better navigation across reports / dashboards Add a simple visual that will open another report or dashboard in the workspace, with a “back” button on the secondary report or dashboard. This will allow assignable navigation within the workspace and provide a rudimentary drill through capability. Whether you are on the go or need to create
memoQ offers you to archive local or online projects. You can also archive checked out online projects. Archived projects are not shown in the list of projects in the Dashboard. How to begin. On the Project ribbon tab, select a project. Click the Move to recycle bin button. An archive confirmation dialog appears. Click Yes to confirm archiving.
memoQ online project – Translations pane: Alternatively, on the Dashboard, type or choose the address of the memoQ server in the server selector box (just below the Dashboard tab), Instead, you can upload all documents in one go after all necessary documents were added.
Oct 28, 2015 · Suggestion/Feedback. When you navigate in full screen mode ( btw great functionality ) and from Dashboard you move to a report there is no way to go back to dashboard in full screen mode unless we exit full screen and select “PowerBI” and then again full screen mode.

What Makes a Good Dashboard Reporting Tool Great? Business Tips If users know green means “go” and red means “watch out,” take advantage of these pre-ingrained associations. Your dashboard will look good aesthetically and also be easier for users to interpret.
Nov 21, 2016 · 1. I created a blank worksheet with one calculated field showing text: “Go back” 2. I put that sheet into “2. Subplatform Dashboard” 3. I created a filter action with my new worksheet as source and “1. Billing Approver Dashboard” as target” Now when I click on the text “Go back” on the second dashboard, it jumps to the first dashboard.
You can back up and restore your projects using the Dashboard or the Manage projects dialog. When you back up a project, memoQ also makes a copy of all resources (translation memories, term bases, LiveDocs corpora, and light resources) that are used in the project.

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memoQ plays music when I start it, how do I turn this off Symptom. memoQ plays background music after it starts up. Cause. The Zen mode is turned on. Solution. Click the memoQ tab to open the memoQ menu. In the menu, click Options. The Options pane appears. Click the Go Zen icon — the music should stop, and never come back after you restart memoQ.
Dec 25, 2008 · yyea i dont want to go on live or anything, how to i uninstall it, i hate the way it looks i want to go back to the old dashboard.. is there anyway to completely restart my xbox 360 and go back to the old dashboard… please help !1 oh and merry christmas
Jun 11, 2019 · Please go to “Pages” and refer to my screenshots attached in my first message. You see that when you hover over the WPML icons underneath each language it says “translation is already in progress” even though it has already been sent back by MemoQ. While some strings or fields might have changed and it should “Need update” not “In progress”.
Oct 19, 2008 · what do you call the dashboard in the back of the car? you know in cars where the back windshield is and there is like a shelf area, is there a name for it?? Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. odomatt. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. its called the rear deck. 0 …
Oct 16, 2016 · In passing, this discussion has thrown up something I’ve often wondered about, i.e. proofreading in MemoQ. As I do a translation I confirm each segment as I finish, then when I’ve done the first draft I go through again, make any changes and reconfirm the segments, thus updating the memory with the correct translations.

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Jan 06, 2018 · EMQ Web Dashboard (Obsoleted in EMQ X 3.0). Contribute to emqtt/emq-dashboard development by creating an account on GitHub. EMQ Web Dashboard (Obsoleted in EMQ X 3.0). Contribute to emqtt/emq-dashboard development by creating an account on GitHub. Go back. Launching GitHub Desktop. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again
Start memoQ and sign in to a server. In the Project ribbon’s Manage Project section, click the CMS Dashboard button. The CMS Dashboard window opens, with the Jobs tab active. What can you do? To switch to a different server: The translated files go back to the CMS where they came from.
5. Go to Project home tab Live Docs, Term bases, Muses and Settings tab and select which resources to use for the project. Translator in a workflow To receive files from server From the dashboard (the first screen you see when you launch memoQ), select “Check out online project”.
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I have several tabs in my report. I have created a dashboard. Every dashboard tile links to different tab. When my clients click a tile and see the report, there is no way easy link to get back to dashboard. Can I create a link that says “Go back to dashboard”? or am I missing a point? Thank you…
To create a backup of a local project on Language Terminal, make sure you have a Language Terminal account configured in memoQ, and then follow these steps: 1. Go to the Dashboard or Project/Manage Projects. 2. Select Backup project (the bottom left link below the project list). 3. Choose Store backup online in Language Terminal. 4. Click OK.
Mar 03, 2014 · can i use joined reports to make dashboard components? When I go to add a joined report to a dashboard component it sems that it is not available to be used. Is that correct? The issue was that I had the dashboard open for editing in one browser window while I added the chart to the report in another browser window.
Jan 18, 2016 · Hi, I have a three dashboard On Tableau. 1. Suppose , i want to go back from 3rd Dashboard to 2nd Dashboard. Is it , possible to use or create button to go back on previous dashboard.

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Jul 11, 2019 · How To Create A Dashboard – The Top 14 Best Practices To Empower Your Business. These 14 definitive dashboard design best practices will bestow you with all of the knowledge you need to create striking, results-driven data dashboards on a sustainable basis. Dashboard design principles are most effective as part of a structured process.
A few years ago, memoQ developers and testers got tired of the same problem, so Kilgray made it possible to switch easily back and forth between the edition views. The only catch, as far as I know, is that you must be using a PM license, such as the one that is …
The Dashboard is a starting point as well as a list of projects. This page describes the things you can see in that list. To learn where to go from the Dashboard: See the main topic. This is the translator’s dashboard: You see this Help page because you come from the translator pro edition of memoQ.
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The dashboard containing Metric Studio content will only display if Metric Studio is installed. It is identified with “(metric)” in the dashboard name. For the SP1 release, the IBM Cognos 8 Go! Dashboard samples were updated. To use these samples, IBM Cognos 8 BI 8.4 SP1 and IBM Cognos 8 Go! Dashboard 8.4 SP1 must be installed.
The reviewer opens the DOCX file in MS Word, and makes corrections. The reviewer sends you back the corrected document. 3. Go back to your memoQ project. In the Translations pane, click the Import reviewed document link. Navigate to your DOCX file where you made corrections. Import the file. 4. memoQ imports the file, and opens the Aligner. 5.
Jun 11, 2019 · Hello, Thank you for your replies and kind attention to this. We have now reorganized the project so that I work locally on memoQ instead. I’m still not clear about what were the fundamental problem but my impression is that it may have been the online TMs and term bases, which delayed memoQ too much or caused troubles when working offline.
With memoQ 8.4, we launched a new effort to improve communication between memoQ servers. Back then we launched a functionality we named “Look up in parent TM”. This time we introduce “Look in parent TB”: projects created from packages now have direct access to the parent TBs.

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MemoQ Dashboard. Once Engineering has completed their PRE tasks, you will be able to see your project on MemoQ dashboard, which is the first screen you land on when opening MemoQ. In order to see your projects, make sure to have selected in the Server URL field or that you have been added as a PM in the users of the project.
Use the objective information in memoQ’s QA report to start a discussion with your client about pricing based on the scope of work entailed. Exporting QA reports of translation documents is one of the most popular features in memoQ’s Quality Assurance module. …
In the Check out online project dialog, you can check a memoQ server if it has online projects where you have work to do. If it has, you can take the project – its documents and resources – and start working on it. When you check out an online project, memoQ will create a local copy of the project. memoQ keeps the local copy and the online project on the server synchronized.
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